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The Team 

Experts in their fields

VC-19 is a reality because of experts from different fields coming together to make the perfect mix of Public Health, Pharmacovigilance, Statistics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

3Analytics was formed in early 2020  with a singular mission of saving lives by ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and medical devices 

How VC-19 Works?

VC-19 has three pillars, Data collection, Machine Learning, and AI-powered Analytics and Reporting. 

VC-19 uses existing data to predict the risk factor of vaccine administration for each individual patient Pre-vaccine, Tracks any Adverse Events Post-vaccination Actively by checking up on patients, and uses any data available to make the vaccination process safer by performing cohort analysis and identifying the various Risk Groups based on factors like demographics, Pre-existing conditions, ethnicity, medications, etc.

VC-19 by 3Analytics

VC-19 is a life saving AI, predicting Adverse Events before they are life threatening. Loss of life due to Adverse Events from drug & vaccine interactions are preventable.


VC-19 uses Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to predict potential Adverse Effects.


It is built on the same architecture as 3Analytics other pharmacovigilance products. These systems track and analyse the safety of drugs, medical devices and implants and cosmetics. VC-19 was fast-tracked to respond to the global need of the hour, due to the ongoing pandemic ahead of 3Analytics flagship drug interaction tracking

Sushil Jha

34 years of global experience in sales & business. development; last 15 years as an entrepreneur with couple of successful exits. Part of Silicon Valley technology waves for last 27 years.

Cofounder & CEO

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Dr. Dharani Munirathinam

A Doctor, turned entrepreneur, driven by the zeal to help fellow drug safety colleagues and save lives. Extensive PV domain experience- both for a PV service provider as well as for Pharma companies as Safety Physician 

Cofounder & CSO

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Dr. T. Karim

Dr. Karim brings over 35 years of global clinical trials, epidemiological & safety experience with companies like Allergan, Schering-Plough, Novartis, Merck   etc. He has worked closely with FDA & brings a unique set of skills to  Pharmacovigilance .  

Medical Safety Advisor

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Arpit Laha

A master degree holder in Statistics & Business Management with further academic merits from Indian Statistical Institute. He has 28 years of extensive experience in both service and manufacturing industries and has successfully completed a large number of projects nearing 200.  

Statistician & ML Expert

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